Actor's Help Desk


lease make sure to bring 7 different looks with you Come hair and Makeup ready there will be a MUA available to do retouching The Photos will be geared towards lifestyle photos for your commercial side of things Comfortable being in front of camera The producer will be staging and stylizing the areas that you will be taking photos in to make things effortless and easy for you. If you have any props please feel free to bring them such as roller skates, weights, balls, skateboards, books, glasses, anything that makes you unique or showcases a skill.

Content day

Content Day is to enhance your Casting Network profiles for the Commercial Division and get you moving and booked! You will be allotted 6 wardrobe changes choosing from the following clothing options: Trendy, Beachwear, Athletic wear, Casual wear, Tech wear, Careers, Friend groups, Business Casual wear. You will need to come hair and makeup ready but there will be a makeup artist on set to assist with touch up's and anything else you may need. The shoot will be taking place in a Content house


What is a Reel? Reels are footage of the clients acting ability, we have them film a scene that shows what character they can play and how they play off of other actors. Why do I need a Reel? The industry has changed dramatically so the way we pitch our clients to casting is by having a pitch package that includes their headshot, resume, reels, and a simple note explaining why the client would be a good fit for the project.The reels are especially important to show your versatility as an actor and show casting what you can do.