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Career Consultation


A 1-hour comprehensive career mindset confidence coaching session, designed to provide actors with valuable insights into their professional profile and career trajectory.

If you’re a non-union actor just starting out, many actors use platforms like Backstage as a launchpad for their careers. Backstage offers a safe space for actors to explore independent projects in film, theater, and commercials, but to become a working actor it requires getting your materials complete so you are booked part of the Union.

During our consultation, we’ll cover a range of topics:

  • Essential platforms for serious actors, such as Actors Access, Casting Networks, Casting Frontier (LA), and Casting Workbook. These platforms offer valuable opportunities and connections.
  • We’ll delve into what your profiles on these platforms should include, from photos to videos, and how to complete them effectively. We’ll also address any questions you may have about the costs involved.
  • We’ll talk about crafting your actor’s résumé, including what an industry-standard résumé looks like and how to create one if you don’t yet have professional experience.
  • Crafting an actor’s Bio is crucial, so we’ll work on developing a compelling bio for you that showcases your unique talents and experiences.
  • We’ll discuss the importance of having high-quality photos and demo reels for your profile, as they can make a significant impact on casting decisions.
  • We’ll explore the concept of an Actors Vision Board, delving into its purpose and how to create one tailored to your goals and aspirations.
  • Maintaining a professional presence on social media is essential, so we’ll talk about the importance of keeping your social media profiles clean and professional, and focus on what to post.
  • Lastly, we’ll discuss the changes in the commercial industry since COVID-19 and how they may impact your career as an actor. It’s essential to stay informed about industry shifts and adapt accordingly.