Actor's Help Desk

Our Mission

Our mission at the Actor’s Help Desk is simple:

  • To empower actors to build their brand the right way. We believe that every actor has a unique story to tell and a distinct voice to share with the world. 
  • To help you discover and amplify that voice, so you can stand out in an industry saturated with talent.


We’re dedicated to teaching the skills and providing the hands-on experience necessary for successful futures, both personally and professionally.

Pursuing an artistic career can be an exhausting, emotional journey. Whether your goal is to learn new skills, work out your actor’s muscles, or work within the industry, Actor’s Help Desk is the perfect place to build the foundation, and as a member, you will have access to our amazing support network.

Who Is It For?

Any actor at any level

When you go to college or attend a prestigious training program, you walk away with incredible training but they most often DO NOT teach you what to do once you hit the ground running.

What often happens is actors get swept up in the bright lights, big city, and big prices, and throw spaghetti at the wall seeing what sticks. 

They don’t quite understand how the business truly works, who they are, where they are truly relevant, who their buyers are, what they are selling, and most importantly HOW to sell it.

Who Is Producing This?

Susan Barr and Samantha Miràvàl are a team that manages a company that serves as a one-stop shop for actors in 2022. In the entertainment industry for many years, they have formed connections with various industry professionals, and their desire to help actors achieve their dreams led them to start this company.

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