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Auditioning Technique


This 4-hour two-session technique is offered both online and in-person. It is based on the subtle nuances it takes to make your tapes stand out. You will learn the tips and tricks to nailing a self tape. While also gaining insight and guidance on how to book the role.

Day One

  • The only competition you have is you
  • Mindset of the working actor success starts with a strong belief system. (Talking big is not believing big)
  • Self talk. Success is happens on purpose
  • Goal setting to target success
  • The 5 intentions discover what may be hindering actors desired success (3 worksheets given that tap into the artist core intentions)
  • Follow the principles see the results. Mindfulness techniques I created that crystallize the imagination that helped see change in my booking ratio
  • It’s show business, not show off: the social media success killer
  • Stay Humble, actors don’t know why they booked the gig
  • Q&A
Day Two
  • Stop auditioning combine with perfect the self-tape like New York and LA markets
  • Scene work: finding the clues about the character intention
  • Memorize the scene quickly so you live through character
  • It’s not an audition, live in the now Stop auditioning
  • Sight line and self-tapes. Play to win
  • On camera work to see progress through adjustments
  • Q&A