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The Reel Deal

About This Course

3 Month Class Ending with a Reel Service 

Month 1:

Within the first month the actors will meet once a week on a Saturday for 3 hours. The class Structure will be as such

Session 1 (1 Hour 15 min): Warm up (Vocal and Physical), Improv, Lecture

Break (30 min): For Lunch, Snack, Bathroom

Session 2 (1 Hour 15 min): Scene Set up, Run Throughs, Adjustments, Blocking 

Time Frame

The first month will consist of getting to know the actors, finding appropriate scene material for the actors, finding the right scene partner for the actors, learning the basics of how to act for Film/Television. The actors will read different scenes with different scene partners so they get a chance to explore what works and what doesn’t, and also what characters or genres they may like or dislike. 


Month 2: 

Within the second month the actors will have their scenes and partners solidified, with the discretion of the instructor. Once this is accomplished the exploration stage will begin. The actors will learn how to analyze their scripts, create a dynamic character, make bold choices, and bring a scene to life. 


Month 3: 

Within the third month the actors will move to the Pre Production, Production, and Post phases.


Pre Production: 

During the Pre Production phase the actors will finalize their blocking, wardrobe, props, and  location for their scenes with the discretion of the instructor. While the production team will finalize schedules, and equipment. 



During the Production phase the actors will meet with the director and do a table read of their scene and receive notes and feedback from the director. Following this the actor will receive a call sheet with the date, time, and location of their scene. Once they arrive on set they will need to be in their wardrobe and hair and makeup ready. Once they are ready to film the director will have them run their scenes and direct them through the entire experience. The filming will include filming a master shot of both actors, Coverage 1 of the first actor, and Coverage 2 of the second actor. Once their scene has been wrapped they are free to go home. 



During the post phase the crew and Director will have handed the footage off to the editor. Once the editor has the footage they will color correct, sound correct, and edit the raw footage into a reel for the actor. The footage will then be sent to the actor via WeTransfer for them to download and use however they see fit. 


$1040 / Until February 2024