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Demo Reels


Reels Process

This requires a 2-session rehearsal with your scene partner(s) ahead of time, then the final taping will be scheduled and done. You will receive a filming schedule with date, time and location.

*Each Reel takes about four hours to film. At the end of filming, you will receive two (2) reels for your profile.

What is a Reel?

Reels are footage of the clients acting ability, we have them film a scene that shows what character they can play and how they play off of other actors.

Why Do I Need a Reel?

The industry has changed dramatically so the way we pitch our clients to casting is by having a pitch package that includes their headshot, resume, reels, and a simple note explaining why the client would be a good fit for the project.The reels are especially important to show your versatility as an actor and show casting what you can do.

What kinds of Reels do I need?

There are four (4) staple reels every actor should have to really fill out their profiles and showcase their range. These include:

  • Procedural
  • Light-hearted 
  • Drama 
  • Character  

What Our Reel Service Includes

We cultivate and pick your scenes that match what is coming out and match what you can play and your type. We pair you with other actors that can help you shine in your scene, and contrast with you well on camera. We also bring in a director and crew with all of the equipment, lighting, and sound needs as well as the ability to edit.

Who will be directing the Reels?

A Director of our choice.