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Netflix is Diving Into A New Faith-Based Venture! But What’s In It For You? Let’s Break It Down…

So, Tyler Perry and DeVon Franklin are teaming up with Netflix for some faith-based films, starting with ‘R&B’—a fresh spin on the Ruth and Boaz story, set in Tennessee's music scene. It's kicking off their multi-year deal, and it's Netflix's big dive into the faith-based genre.

Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Turner//Getty Images

10 Acting Tips From Established Performers

Hey there, fellow aspiring actors! Ever wondered what tips seasoned performers swear by to nail their roles and captivate audiences? Well, you're in luck! We've rounded up advice straight from the pros themselves. So, why not soak up some wisdom from the best in the biz!

Sundance Film Festival: Breaking Tradition or Blazing New Trails?

Hey there, movie buffs! Heard the latest gossip? Looks like the Sundance Film Festival might be shaking things up! Yup, you heard it right – the iconic fest might be packing its bags and hitting the road. But what's the scoop behind this potential move? Let's dive in and uncover the juicy details!

Mandisa in May 2018. TERRY WYATT/GETTY

Mandisa, ‘American Idol’ Star and Grammy-winning Christian Music Singer, Dies at 47

Mandisa, the acclaimed Grammy Award-winning vocalist who rose to fame as a contender on the fifth season of American Idol, passed away on Thursday, April 18, at 47 years old.

Da’Vine Joy Randolph Makes Oscar History with Her Heartfelt Performance in ‘The Holdovers

Have you ever marveled at an actor's ability to completely transform into a character? Well, Da’Vine Joy Randolph is one of those magical performers who can do just that! With a career spanning over a decade, she's lit up both the stage and the screen with her incredible talent.

Damsel, A Feminist Fantasy Survival Thriller To Watch

Millie Bobby Brown ("Stranger Things") stars as Elodie, a young woman from an unnamed northern land who accepts a marriage proposal only to realize that she is being used to repay a royal family's ancient debts, and must now escape while surviving attacks from the dragon lurking in the chasm.

Netflix Orders Second Season of Hit Comedy ‘Survival of the Thickest’

Hey there, comedy lovers! Hold onto your seats because the laughter train is coming back for another round! That’s right – Netflix has officially given the green light to a second season of “Survival of the Thickest.” If you haven’t tuned in yet, you’re missing out on a...

Running Yourself as a Business: Essential Advice for Actors

I’m not a Businessman, I’m a Business, man ~ Jay-Z In the competitive world of acting, talent alone is not always enough to ensure success. Just as in any business venture, actors must approach their careers with a strategic mindset and a focus on professionalism. As the saying goes, ...

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