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Netflix is Diving Into A New Faith-Based Venture! But What’s In It For You? Let’s Break It Down…

So, Tyler Perry and DeVon Franklin are teaming up with Netflix for some faith-based films, starting with ‘R&B’—a fresh spin on the Ruth and Boaz story, set in Tennessee’s music scene. It’s kicking off their multi-year deal, and it’s Netflix’s big dive into the faith-based genre. They’ve got more projects like ‘The Six Triple Eight’ and ‘Beauty in Black’ lined up too. They’re aiming to warm hearts in a “polarizing world,” and Tyler Perry is all hyped up about spreading “some good” on Netflix’s global platform.

You know Tyler Perry, right? He’s got this knack for comedies, tragedies, and inspirational tales, all with Black characters and touching on important social issues. Well, Netflix is extending his current deal to write, direct, and produce films and series for the streamer, to now include faith-based movies.

And then they are recruiting DeVon Franklin—he’s a preacher, producer, author, and motivational speaker. You might know him from films like Miracles from Heaven and Heaven Is for Real, and he’s also behind The Wait, a best-selling book he co-wrote with his ex, actress Meagan Good.

So, what’s your take on this partnership? Do you see some good synergy here, or is it just not hitting the mark for you?

So, Netflix dipping its toes into faith-based content? That move could actually bring some pretty sweet benefits to the acting industry. Alright, check it out! Netflix is stepping into the faith-based content game, and it’s not just about entertainment. Here’s how it could shake things up for actors:

  1. Diverse Opportunities: With Netflix producing faith-based content, the acting gigs just got more varied. That means actors with religious or spiritual backgrounds can shine in roles that resonate with their beliefs and values.
  2. Increased Demand: More faith-based content on Netflix? That means more demand for actors who specialize in this genre. If you’re experienced in faith-based productions, you might just find yourself with more job offers and chances to level up your career.
  3. Market Expansion: Faith-based stories attract all kinds of viewers, even those who don’t usually watch mainstream stuff. So, by diving into this genre, Netflix opens up to a whole new audience. And guess what? That means more eyeballs on your work.
  4. Cultural Representation: From spirituality to morality, faith-based content often dives deep into cultural themes. By telling diverse stories that reflect different religious perspectives, Netflix helps bring more representation to the screen. It’s a win for actors from underrepresented communities who finally get to see themselves in the spotlight.
  5. Creative Collaboration: Jumping into faith-based projects isn’t just about acting—it’s about teaming up with filmmakers who share your vision. Together, you’ll craft stories that inspire and uplift audiences, and that kind of creative synergy? It’s pure magic.

So, if you’ve been holding out for roles that align with your spiritual beliefs or want to make a mark in a different kind of storytelling, this could be your moment.

And hey, if you’re curious to dive into some faith-based flicks on Netflix, here are a few you might want to add to your watchlist.

In case you’re interested, under the company’s Faith & Spirituality category, here are some films that you might want to check out.

  • 2 Hearts
  • The Hill
  • Testament: The Story of Moses
  • God’s Not Dead 
  • Can Only Imagine
  • Mysteries of the Faith
  • A Taste of Sin
  • Blue Miracle
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